Chignik Lake Airport

Country:United States of America
City:Chignik, AK
ICAO code:A79

Chignik Lake is one of the airports in United States of America and is located at Chignik Lake, in the Lake and Peninsula Borough of the U.

Other airports
CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1Chicken, AKUnited States of AmericaChickenCKXCKX
2Chignik, AKUnited States of AmericaChignikKCGPAJC
3Chignik, AKUnited States of AmericaChignik LagoonKCLKCL
4Sault Ste. Marie, MIUnited States of AmericaChippewa County InternationalCIUKCIU
5Chisana, AKUnited States of AmericaChisana FieldCZNCZN
6Chuathbaluk, AKUnited States of AmericaChuathbalukCHUPACH

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