Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon International Airport

Puerto Plata Gregorio Luperon International is one of the airports in Dominican Republic and is located has also drawn a number of regularly scheduled passenger airlines over the years.

Other airports
CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1DominicaDominican RepublicDominica Cane FieldDCFTDCF
2DominicaDominican RepublicDominica Douglas-CharlesDOMTDPD
3La RomanaDominican RepublicLa RomanaLRMMDLR
4Punta CanaDominican RepublicPunta Cana InternationalPUJMDPC
5SamanaDominican RepublicSamana Arroyo BarrilEPSMDAB
6SamanaDominican RepublicSamana Juan Bosch El CateyAZSMDCY

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