Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International is one of the airports in United States of America and is located Los Angeles, CA. Local time GMT: -8(winter)/-7(summer). The airport has 10 terminal.

Other airports
CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1Islip, NYUnited States of AmericaLong Island MacArthurISPKISP
2Lopez Island, WAUnited States of AmericaLopez IslandLPSWA81
3Los Alamos, NMUnited States of AmericaLos AlamosLAMKLAM
4Louisville, KYUnited States of AmericaLouisville Clark County
5Macon, GAUnited States of AmericaMacon Robins AFBWRBKWRB
6Twin Falls, IDUnited States of AmericaMagic Valley RegionalTWFKTWF

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