Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville International is one of the airports in United States of America and is located Jacksonville, FL.

Other airports
CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1Jackson, MSUnited States of AmericaJackson Hawkins FieldHKSKHKS
2Jackson, WYUnited States of AmericaJackson HoleJACKJAC
3Jacksonville, FLUnited States of AmericaJacksonville CecilVQQKVQQ
4Jonesboro, ARUnited States of AmericaJonesboroJBRKJBR
5Joplin, MOUnited States of AmericaJoplin RegionalJLNKJLN
6Juneau, AKUnited States of AmericaJuneau InternationalJNUPAJN

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