Wotje Island Airport

Country:Marshall Islands
City:Wotje Island
ICAO code:N36

Wotje Island is one of the airports in Marshall Islands and is located in the village of Wotje on Wotje Atoll, Marshall Islands.

Other airports
CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1Utirik IslandMarshall IslandsUtirikUTK03N
2WojaMarshall IslandsWojaWJA
3Wotho IslandMarshall IslandsWotho IslandWTO
4Fort De FranceMarshall IslandsFort-de-France Martinique Aime Cesaire InternationalFDFTFFF
5GorgolMarshall IslandsKaediKEDGQNK
6NemaMarshall IslandsNemaEMNGQNI

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