List of Fuzhou Airlines destinations

Country China
IATA code FU

The airline’s main hub is Fuzhou Changle International Airport. Fuzhou Airlines headquarters are located in Fuzhou, China. The airline uses Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

City Country Airport IATA code ICAO code
1 Beijing China Beijing Capital International PEK ZBAA
2 Changsha China Changsha Huanghua International CSX ZGHA
3 Chongqing China Chongqing Jiangbei International CKG ZUCK
4 Fuzhou China Fuzhou Changle International FOC ZSFZ
5 Guilin China Guilin Liangjiang International KWL ZGKL
6 Guiyang China Guiyang Longdongbao International KWE ZUGY
7 Haikou China Haikou Hainan Meilan International HAK ZJHK
8 Harbin China Harbin Taiping International HRB ZYHB
9 Jieyang China Jieyang Chaoshan International SWA ZGOW
10 Jinan China Jinan Yaoqiang International TNA ZSJN
11 Kunming China Kunming Changshui International KMG ZPPP
12 Ningbo China Ningbo Lishe International NGB ZSNB
13 Qingdao China Qingdao Liuting International TAO ZSQD
14 Shanghai China Shanghai Pudong International PVG ZSPD
15 Shijiazhuang China Shijiazhuang Zhengding International SJW ZBSJ
16 Taiyuan China Taiyuan Wusu International TYN ZBYN
17 Taizhou China Taizhou Luqiao HYN ZSLQ
18 Tianjin China Tianjin Binhai International TSN ZBTJ
19 Xian China Xian Xianyang International XIY ZLXY
20 Yinchuan China Yinchuan Hedong International INC ZLIC
21 Zhengzhou China Zhengzhou Xinzheng International CGO ZHCC
22 Zhoushan China Zhoushan Putuoshan HSN ZSZS
23 Zhuhai China Zhuhai ZUH ZGSD