Destinations of Viva Colombia airline


Viva Colombia was founded in 2009. The airline’s main hub is José María Córdova International Airport. It also operates such hubs as Rafael Núñez International Airport, El Dorado International Airport. Viva Colombia headquarters are located in Rionegro, Antioquia, Colombia. The airline uses Airbus A320-200 aircraft.

CityCountryAirportIATA codeICAO code
1ApartadoColombiaApartado Antonio Roldan BetancourtAPOSKLC
2BarranquillaColombiaBarranquilla Ernesto CortissozBAQSKBQ
3BogotaColombiaBogota El Dorado InternationalBOGSKBO
4BucaramangaColombiaBucaramanga PalonegroBGASKBG
5CartagenaColombiaCartagena Rafael Nunez InternationalCTGSKCG
6CucutaColombiaCucuta Camilo Daza InternationalCUCSKCC
7LeticiaColombiaLeticia Alfredo Vasquez CoboLETSKLT
8LimaPeruLima Jorge Chavez InternationalLIMSPIM
9MedellinColombiaMedellin Jose Maria CordovaMDESKRG
10Miami, FLUnited States of AmericaMiami InternationalMIAKMIA
11MonteriaColombiaMonteria Los GarzonesMTRSKMR
12Panama CityPanamaPanama City Pacific InternationalBLBMPPA
13San Andres IslandColombiaSan Andres Gustavo Rojas Pinilla InternationalADZSKSP
14Santa MartaColombiaSanta Marta Simon Bolivar InternationalSMRSKSM