List of Hongtu Airlines destinations

Country China
IATA code A6

Hongtu Airlines was founded in 2014. The airline’s main hub is Kunming Changshui International Airport. Hongtu Airlines headquarters are located in Kunming, Yunnan, China. The current fleet comprises such aircraft as Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200.

City Country Airport IATA code ICAO code
1 Changchun China Changchun Longjia International CGQ ZYCC
2 Hefei China Hefei Xinqiao International HFE ZSOF
3 Kunming China Kunming Changshui International KMG ZPPP
4 Linyi China Linyi Shubuling LYI ZSLY
5 Nanchang China Nanchang Changbei International KHN ZSCN
6 Shenyang China Shenyang Taoxian International SHE ZYTX
7 Taiyuan China Taiyuan Wusu International TYN ZBYN
8 Zhengzhou China Zhengzhou Xinzheng International CGO ZHCC