List of Grand China Air airline destinations

Country China
IATA code CN

Grand China Air was founded in 2007. The airline’s main hub is Haikou Meilan International Airport. Grand China Air headquarters are located in Beijing, China. The airline uses Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

City Country Airport IATA code ICAO code
1 Beijing China Beijing Capital International PEK ZBAA
2 Guilin China Guilin Liangjiang International KWL ZGKL
3 Harbin China Harbin Taiping International HRB ZYHB
4 Hailar China Hulunbuir Hailar HLD ZBLA
5 Mudanjiang China Mudanjiang Hailang International MDG ZYMD
6 Yinchuan China Yinchuan Hedong International INC ZLIC
7 Zhuhai China Zhuhai ZUH ZGSD