List of FlyViking airline destinations

Country Norway
IATA code VF

FlyViking was founded in 2016, it ceased operations in 2018. The airline’s primary hub was Tromsø Airport. It also operated a hub at Ørland Airport. FlyViking was headquartered in Lyngseidet, Troms, Norway. The fleet consisted of Dash 8-100 & Q100.

City Country Airport IATA code ICAO code
1 Alta Norway Alta ALF ENAT
2 Bodo Norway Bodo BOO ENBO
3 Hammerfest Norway Hammerfest HFT ENHF
4 Kirkenes Norway Kirkenes Hoeybuktmoen KKN ENKR
5 Orland Norway Orland OLA ENOL
6 Oslo Norway Oslo Gardermoen OSL ENGM
7 Stokmarknes Norway Stokmarknes Skagen SKN ENSK
8 Tromso Norway Tromso/Langnes TOS ENTC
9 Trondheim Norway Trondheim Vaernes TRD ENVA
10 Vadso Norway Vadso VDS ENVD